[Video Interview] Taipei Cycle Market Day: Specialized and Bianchi have high hopes for e-bikes

January 17 2021: Taipei, Taiwan – Ahead of Taipei Cycle and the virtual Taipei Cycle DigitalGo exhibition, both starting on March 9, TAITRA invited Bob Margevicius (Executive Vice President at Specialized Bicycle Components) and Claudio Masnata (Marketing and Communications Manager at Bianchi) to discuss their views on the latest global bicycle market trends. Click the videos below to watch.

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Market Day US – An interview with Bob Margevicius – Executive Vice President, Specialized Bicycle Components

Describing cycling as a “vehicle for a better life and a better planet”, Bob Margevicius argues that the bicycle is a simple solution to the problems of our modern world, including climate change, carbon neutrality, congestion, and health among others.

Margevicius is particularly optimistic about the future of the e-bike market, highlighting that the segment has recently grown to accommodate an ever-increasing number of ‘performance riders’ looking to maximise their capabilities. He states that “e-bikes are not just for power assist, performance riders are now complementing motor output to achieve an [overall] performance output which doubles the motor output.” In addition, e-bikes are becoming “lighter, quieter, more reliable, better quality and [benefit from] more elegant designs.” He also noted the rapidly growing demand for cargo bikes, which he describes as a “high value area exploding with innovations”. The popularity of e-bikes has ensured that they remain “in short supply, with lead times of two years plus”, says Margevicius.

On the topic of the Specialized Innovation Center in Taiwan, Margevicius gives high praise to the initiative, describing the center as “our eyes and ears for Asia and SouthEast Asia.” He added, “we have very talented teams focused on innovation, design, engineering, development, quality, testing, supply chain management, logistics and finance.” The Taiwan team has been, in Margevicius’ words, “the fuel driving our growth, and the company will continue to add talent and we are committed to growing our footprint in Taiwan.”

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Market Day Europe – An interview with Claudio Masnata – Marketing and Communications Manager, Bianchi

Claudio Masnata echoes Bob Margevicius’ sentiment that the pandemic has changed the world and people’s mindsets. Now that individuals desire a sustainable life and environment, Bianchi believes that the bicycle, especially the e-bicycle can be a solution to help people to live a better and healthier lifestyle, and improve the world in which they live.

Masnata describes how Bianchi, like many brands within the industry, experienced a “challenging time” at the beginning of the pandemic. Masnata states that Bianchi “decided not to block investment” during the pandemic, “we believed the best [response] to a difficult situation was to be positive and keep investing.”

On the importance of Taipei Cycle Show, Masnata adds that the Asia Pacific area is highly strategic for Bianchi – an Italian brand with a global market and physical presence in more than 60 different countries. As such, Taipei Cycle Show is instrumental for Bianchi’s success in the area, allowing the brand to reach out to customers, clients, and suppliers.

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